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Have questions about our service? We want you to feel comfortable about using our website. Rest assured we want to help you get the boat of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get a loan if I have bad credit?

Yes! At, our only goal is to match you up with the best lender so that you will have the best chance of getting approved, whether you have good credit or bad credit. Our business is to help you find a lender. There are a lot more lenders out there that help people with good credit, but there are still some lenders that will help people with bad credit. Please do keep in mind that each person's situation is unique and that there are no guarantees that a lender we recommend can approve you.

Why should I use if I am looking for a new loan?

There are many reasons to try us. There are SO many websites out there that say they offer loans but when it comes down to it they are only for excellent credit buyers and/or they are only submitting your information for a $1500 payday loan. Then you will receive 100 spam emails and will constantly be spammed forever. We are not like that. We do not SPAM you and we help you get the loan. We don't deceive you. All we do is try to help you find a lender to get a new loan.

Furthermore, there are so many scam websites out there that look like a legitimate website but all they will do is either steal your identity or ask for an upfront fee and then take your money. That is why we created this website because there are so many scam websites out there that we felt we needed to be an unbiased, 3rd party, that could recommend legitimate lenders to consumers. Please understand that every person's situation is unique and while we can't help everyone, we do strive to help as many people as possible.

How much does it cost to use your service?

Absolutely nothing! Matching you up with lenders for a boat loan through is completely free. Being a free service, has become the Leader in assisting people with their boat financing needs. Finding a lender has never been faster or easier. All you have to do is fill out a simple form and you will be matched up with lenders quickly.

How long does the inquiry process take?

The inquiry can be completed in only a couple of minutes and your results are ready within 24-48 hours.

How do I find out the status of my request?

We will contact you and let you know once we have processed your inquiry. You can also click here for a real-time status update at any time.

Is it a requirement that I get my credit score from you if I already know my credit score?

No. We don't make it a requirement for anyone that they must get their credit score from the link on our website. The reason we promote it is because it actually helps consumers to know what their score is. Most websites make consumers pick a broad range for what type of credit they have (i.e. excellent, fair, poor, etc.), but what really is fair credit vs. poor credit? A credit score is much more accurate and we use that score to try to match you with a lender. Second, credit scores change on a daily basis. Just because you might have seen your credit score 30 days ago does not mean that it is your score today. If you use an older score and then we match you with a lender based on that score and then they pull your credit report and score and see your score is actually lower, then they might not be able to help you and you have just wasted your time plus lowered your score because the lender did a hard pull on your credit report. Likewise, if you used a 30 day old score and then the lender pulled your credit score and it was actually higher, then you might not get the best rate because we could have matched you up with a lender that accepted higher credit consumers that had lower rates. Last, credit scores can vary from source to source. If all of our consumers request a credit score from the same source then there is uniformity and we know that the score is coming from a reliable source. Click HERE for your Free Credit Score NOW.

How does this work?

We have done the research of the top good & bad credit boat lenders. Based on your profile we will match the lender(s) to you so that you can save time and money. There are thousands of lenders out there and finding out which ones can help you can be a frustrating experience. You don't want to just keep applying to lenders because they will pull your credit report and then you will lower your credit score. Our goal is to provide you a list of lenders that are legit and then you can choose which lender(s) to contact. We are constantly looking for new lenders to recommend but we always want to do our research on them before recommending any new lenders.

I found a lender that says I am approved but wants an up-front fee. Is this legit?

Be very careful of this. Legitimate lenders will not require an upfront fee. They might charge an application fee or credit report fee, but they will disclose these fees clearly and they will take their fees from the amount you borrow. The golden rule is if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I was contacted by a lender after using your website that wants me to pay up-front payments. Is this legit?

No. This is not legit. If you were contacted by a lender via phone or by mail, it was not from our website. We do not share your information with any lenders. We simply do the research and recommend lenders to you and then you can decide which lender(s) you want to go with. If you received a call from a lender it was not from our website. Many consumers use multiple websites when searching for a loan. Remember that we do not collect a social security number from you so if the lender has this number, you must have applied elsewhere for this loan.

How do I get started?

Just fill out the form here and let us go to work for YOU.